Retirement Planning

What is retirement planning?

The Steps in the Process:
Step One: Your Life and Your Goals 
Meet with Susan to share who you are, your life history, and who matters
in your life. Participate in our goal setting process that helps to identify 
the goals that would help you create a fulfilling retirement.

Step Two: Retirement and Risk Tolerance
Meet with Susan to review preliminary projections for your retirement capital needs. Discuss risk tolerance and potential investment portfolio issues.

Step Three: Setting the Path
Meet with Susan to review various retirement projections and establish a direction for pursuing your retirement goals. Review the investment policy statement and investment recommendations.

Step Four and Beyond: Implementation and Monitoring
Meet with Susan to implement recommendations, answer questions, review progress, rebalance portfolio, or address whatever needs have arisen.


Photo: North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii,
December 2003 by Susan L. Kendall