Our Vision & Core Values

"When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier." ~ Roy Disney

What is our vision?

It is Susan's vision to be an offer of help to our clients and their families—to help them have more balance and lead a good life that is based upon their goals. We strive with our clients to pursue a worry-free retirement based on dignity, and to reduce the need to compromise one's lifestyle during retirement. Planning is the key!

To be a superb help to our clients and their families.

To be fully committed to pursuing a good life for ourselves, our family, and our clients—those people whom we are concerned about in this life.

To empower our clients to take action to fulfill their dreams by helping them develop a formal, written comprehensive financial, investment, and estate plan.

To cause our clients to experience "Superior Real-Life Financial Outcomes" over their financial lives.

What are our core values?

We promise that throughout all the years and even decades we work together, you will never find another private financial consultant who will care more about you and your family, or who will be more deeply committed to the realization of your financial goals than us.

We will invest your capital as carefully as we do our own because we know that your hopes for your family's future are every bit as sacred to you as ours are to us.

You will surely encounter financial consultants smarter than us, and just as surely you'll find consultants who are less expensive than us; however, we promise our fees will always remain reasonable and you will never in your life find a consultant you can trust more implicitly than you can trust us.

Our mission

Our purpose is to partner with our clients and purposely help them make wise choices about their money and finances so they can be free from financial stress and can concentrate on pursuing more genuine happiness in their lives.  We are committed to helping our clients pursue "Superior Real-Life Financial Outcomes" by empowering them with a financial plan for life.  

"We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are."
~ Anaïs Nin


Photo: Lake Louise, Calgary, Canda, July 2004 by Susan L. Kendall